Luqman Shehzad, Kamra, Okara
Martyred on December 27, 2015

Luqman Shehzad was martyred in district Gujranwala, Pakistan early in the morning after Fajr Prayer on 27 December 2014.

On 26 Nov 2014 a Khatm e Nabuwat Conference was held in his area attended by so-called Maulawis from all over the country who passed edicts of Ahmadis being ‘liable to be killed’ and particularly incited people against Luqman Shaheed.

On 27 Dec 2014 as he was returning after Fajr Salat opponents attacked him. He was rushed to hospital but was martyred on the way.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 2nd January 2015,

“Luqman Shehzad Shaheed was martyred in district Gujranwala, Pakistan early in the morning after Fajr Prayer on 27 December 2014. Shaheed was the only Ahmadi in his family and had taken Bai’at in 2007. Prior to Bai’at he met with Ahmadis in the area and forged a deep connection. He started viewing MTA in general and Friday sermons in particular which led him to become Ahmadi. He faced intense opposition and huge efforts were made to dissuade him from Ahmadiyyat but he remained steadfast. Once his uncle took him to a local mosque where Maulawis tried to persuade him to renounce Ahmadiyyat. On their insistence Shaheed said if they could come up with reasoning and proofs he would reject Ahmadiyyat. The Maulawi replied: this is no time for argument, just reject it. Shaheed did not agree. They all beat him up injuring his back bone and threw him in a vehicle and imprisoned him in an animal shed. They released him only after his mother repeatedly pleaded his uncle. Shaheed was then forcibly sent to his father in Saudi Arabia so that he could be dissuaded from Ahmadiyyat. He was also mistreated in Saudi Arabia. While there he looked for Jama’at and was delighted when he made connection. He also performed Hajj while in Saudi Arabia. He returned to Pakistan after three years and started working on land.

Shaheed was born on 5 April 1989. He was an honest, pious, cheerful and sociable person. He was an extremely devoted Ahmadi young man and was currently serving as local secretary finance. He was very keen on Tabligh and said that he would be content after all his family became Ahmadi. May God elevate the station of Shaheed and grant him an excellent place in high Paradise and enable his family to accept Ahmadiyyat.

(Friday sermon of 2nd January 2015)