Maryam Khatoon, Wife of Mrs Zachari of Chaubara,
Martyred on December 05, 2011

Maryam Khatoon, wife of Zachari was martyred on 5th December 2011, when some non-ahmadis attacked her house.

According to the report in the evening at approximately 5 O’clock in the Chaubara District, some non-Ahmadis attacked an Ahmadi family and she passed away in this way.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 9th December 2011,

“Muhtarrama Maryam Khatoon Sahiba, wife of Mukarram Zachari Sahib of the Chaubara District. She passed away on 5th December 2011. In the evening at approximately 5 O’clock in the Chaubara District, some nonAhmadis attacked an Ahmadi family and she passed away in this way. Surely to Allah we belong, and to Him shall we return. In other words, she is a martyr. Her house was connected to the Murabi house and there are also other Ahmadi people residing in the houses in this area. A few years ago, some opponents bought the adjacent land and through some conspiracies and dealings, they annulled the right of the land of the family of the martyr. This case is in the court. The opposing persons had already previously carried out an attack in order to seize the land, but failed. On the day of the incident, they tried to seize the land again, when they were opposed. Apparently, they threw a brick and this is how she died. From her post mortem, however, it came to light that she was hit by a part/handle of a weapon due to which she was severely injured and passed away. It was due to Ahmadiyyat that she was opposed. Two of her husband’s sisters were severely injured, but they are in a better condition now. The martyr was only 25 or 26 years old. The family was a farming family. In 1992, her father-inlaw purchased a plot and gave a part of it to the mosque where the murabbi house was constructed. The opponents were trying to capture this land for quite a long time and this case even reached the high court. In the high court, they failed in their attempts. After that, they tried to change the record as is the tactic used in Pakistan, certain persons conspire together and try to alter the record . In any case, the court case was running. Because there was a great deal of tension involved, when the Jama’at presented the report to the DPO, he clearly apologised saying that he could not upset the opposing faction. Maryam Khatoon Sahiba, after her demise, was buried in Shergarh in the District of Layyah. The culprit has already escaped with the help of the police (that is, the culprit who martyred this lady). She has three very small children who she leaves behind, apart from her husband. The eldest son is nine years old, then there is another child of four years old and then she has a daughter who is six years old whose name is Maria Parveen, and also a child of five and a half years old.”

(Friday sermon of 09th December 2011)