Master Rana Dilawar Hussain, Shekhupura,
Martyred on October 01, 2011

As his students watched, a recent convert to the Ahmadiyyat , Dilawar Hussain, 42, was shot dead at a government primary school in a village in Sheikhupura on Saturday, 1st October.

Master Rana Dilawar Hussain, along with his wife and four children, had recently converted to the Ahmadiyyat. His family was the only one in the village belonging to the Ahmadiyya community.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 7th October 2011,

“He was a new convert to Jamaat, and leaves behind 2 sons and 2 daughters. He was a righteous man, interested in scholarly research. He was regular in offering prayer, recitation of Quran tilawat, was dedicated to Khilafat, watched MTA regularly and encouraged his children to do the same. His relatives abandoned him after he along with his family accepted Ahmadiyyat last year in December. He was shot twice as the assailants entered the classroom where he was teaching, and he breathed his last on the way to the hospital. May Allah Almighty elevate his status in Paradise and grant patience to the family members he leaves behind, Ameen.”

(Friday sermon of 07th October 2011)