Bhulair, District Kasur; December 7, 2022:  A local mulla Abdul Rauf of Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) initiated a fight in a snooker game with an Ahmadi which took turn for the worse. A number of men joined both sides and there was an exchange of fire shots. Someone called on the police helpline, who intervened and both parties were called on the same evening by the SHO to Phool Nagar police station. The TLP local president and other mullas also gathered on this occasion. The police detained four persons from both parties in the fight and presented them before the court the next day where the court reconciled the parties and ended the matter.

Later, the TLP gave the incident religious color, met the DPO, and asked him to demolish the Ahmadiyya mosque. They declared a complete boycott of Ahmadis and demanded the exile of Ahmadis from the village.

Mulla Abdul Rauf told the police that Ahmadis had taken revenge for the action taken against their niche and minarets. (Two months ago, on demand of the opponents, the police covered the minarets and niche of Ahmadiyya mosque).  On-demand of this Mulla the police booked 11 Ahmadis namely, Dawood Ahmad, Maqsood Ahmad, Jahanzeb Ahmad, Ansar Ahmad, Muhammad Ahmad, Shafiq Ahmad, Waqas Ahmad, Ashfaq Ahmad, Liaqat Ahmad, Nisar Ahmad, and Faryad Ahmad under articles 337F(i), 337A(i), 337H(2), 506/B, 148, 149, 337L(2), in the police station Phool Nagar on December 17, 2022. The opponents announced a rally in the village for this.

The notorious TLP, a Brelvi extremist political party has adopted anti-Ahmadiyya activism as a policy to promote their politics. Most of the hype in defiling the Ahmadiyya mosques can be attributed to them.