Nanu Dogar, District Lahore; September 23, 2023:  The SHO Sharaqpur police station phoned the president of the Ahmadiyya community here and told him the need of an urgent meeting. The SHO came to his house and said that he had to demolish the minaret of the Ahmadiyya mosque as he had no other option. The president referred to the recent verdict of High Court in favour of Ahmadis.  He said that he had also read that, and found no distinction between old and new minarets in it (sic). He said that Ahmadis are not allowed to use Islamic symbols, whatsoever. The local Ahmadi president said that he could not decide this on his own as there are eight families residing there in the village. At this, the SHO said that anyone with an objection should come and talk to him. He gave the president half an hour to think about it. He said that he was arranging labour to do the task and told that they would undertake this act late at night when the people would be asleep.

Afterwards, the SHO along with the opponents, entered the mosque by breaking the lock and started destroying the minaret. The local Ahmadi president phoned him and reminded him of what he said earlier about arranging the labour to undertake this act; he further said that the people who were involved in this were none other than the opponents of the Jamaat. The SHO rudely replied that he had asked Ahmadis to do it themselves and he could not ask government employees to do such a thing. The opponents destroyed the minaret and left the scene chanting slogans “Long live the End of Prophethood” and “Long live Tehreek e Labbaik”.