Chak Nr. 543 E.B, District Vehari; August 13-14, 2023:
The SHO Machiwal visited the Ahmadiyya mosque here on July 22 and said that TLP activists had complained against the minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque. He insisted that Ahmadis demolish the minarets and told them that the TLP workers had otherwise threatened to demolish these themselves. After two days, the police again told Ahmadis to demolish the minarets and threatened them to face consequences. After a discussion with the police, abiding by their instructions, Ahmadis covered the minarets with the help of fiber sheets.

On August 13, the DSP Burewala and SHO Machiwal came again to visit the Ahmadiyya mosque and took the Secretary General Affairs with them to the police station. They pressurized him to destroy the minarets and treated him harshly. Moreover, they threatened him with detention for 60 days. Meanwhile, some other Ahmadis also went to the police station along with an Ahmadi advocate Mr. Sarwar Khan. The policemen got annoyed on the legality of their demand and sent them out of the police station. Then the police themselves drafted a statement and forced Ahmadis to sign it. Later that night around 2 PM, one police officer and two laborers arrived at the Ahmadiyya mosque and destroyed the minarets with the help of a cutter. Later in the morning, the SHO Machiwal visited the Ahmadiyya mosque and got the remains of the minarets removed in his presence.
It is noteworthy that the mosque was built in 1963— long before the Ordinance XX.