Rajgarh, Samanabad, Lahore; April 15-17, 2023:  On April 15, around 10:30 pm, a violent mob besieged the local Ahmadiyya prayer center. They hit the gate with rods, shouted anti-Ahmadi slogans and made speeches on loudspeaker. They incited people that Qadianis were preaching there, misleading the people and robbing the End of Prophethood. They demanded that police register criminal case against them. The clerics then staged a sit-in in front of the center.

The police SHO telephoned the Ahmadi administration and asked them to open the lock of the center. They were told that there was no Ahmadi in the center at that time. The clerics and the police then wrapped the outer lock with a cloth.

There is a mosque close to the center. The mullas seem to have plotted the unrest there.

After two days, the police booked four Ahmadis Asad Imran, Ghulam Mustafa Zakria, Abdul Hai and Ahmad on the complaint of Maulvi Abdul Aziz of Aalmi Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat under PPC 298-C with FIR No. 1291, on April 17, 2023 in Police Station Sanda, Lahore.

The plaintiff took the stance that there was an unregistered place of worship of the Qadianis at Shamnagar Chauburji, where the above-mentioned accuseds were illegally preaching Qadiyaniat and worshiping, thereby misleading and hurting the sentiments of innocent Muslims. Therefore, action should be taken against them. The police compliantly registered a case whereby the three Ahmadi elders could be imprisoned for three years — for having done nothing. This is Lahore, the capital of the Punjab, ruled till recently by men like Usman Buzdar (PTI), Parvez Elahi (PML-Q) and now Mohsin Naqvi (the Interim CM).