Khareppar, District Kasur; June 2022: An Ahmadi gifted a piece of land to the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya. A mission house was already present at the location. Ahmadis undertook construction of outer walls to this property. Someone filed a complaint with the SHO that Ahmadis were building a worship place there. The police visited the site and summoned the stakeholders to the police station on June 05, 2022, and told Ahmadis to bring along the registration of the property. The SHO informed Ahmadis of the complainant’s reservations and told them that they would not offer congregational prayer without obtaining an NOC. It was claimed that the neighbourhood will be disturbed by the Ahmadis’ worship, but they were shown the site map and told that the neighbours are Ahmadis. Who had no objection against ritual worship.

            The SHO told Ahmadis to expand their existing worship place, install CCTV for security, and to get an NOC for the new place if they wanted to worship there. The police forced Ahmadis to sign an undertaking not to build a worship place there without permission.