Okara; June 2022:  An anti-India rally was taken out in Okara city after Friday prayers, on June 1. When the rally passed in front of the Ahmadiyya mosque, they chanted anti-Ahmadi slogans. Arriving in front of the Press Club, they delivered speeches, referred to the minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque, and demanded from the DC and DPO to demolish these.

On June 15, one Wasim Abbas Kamboh Advocate wrote to SHO Police Station A Division Okara that Jamaat Ahmadiyya had raised mosque-style minarets and other inscriptions at the Ahmadiyya worship place in F-Block in violation of the Constitution of Pakistan and the decisions of the High Courts (sic). This illegal act of the Qadianis accused has severely hurt the feelings of the Muslims, therefore action should be taken against the accused by removing the minarets and other structures, he wrote. In this regard, the police officers visited the Ahmadiyya mosque the same night. They asked Ahmadis to submit their reply in writing, which they did on June 17.

Ahmadis stated that there is no law that forbids Ahmadis to have minarets or Islamic epithets in their mosques. This mosque was built prior to Ordinance XX of 1984; as such, the Ordinance does not apply to this mosque. Similarly, this issue was raised with the DC Okara a few years ago; the case was closed after due process.