Bhulair, District Kasur; September 30, 2023: Religious bigots approached the police to complain about a few pious words on two Ahmadi tombstones. The DC Kasur formed a committee under the chairmanship of AC Pattoki to look into this. The committee unabashedly told Ahmadis to remove the words. The Ahmadi delegation told the committee members that as per the Supreme Court verdict, Ahmadis had the freedom to practice their faith within the four walls. These tombstones are inside the four walls of the Ahmadiyya graveyard, so there was nothing objectionable in the situation. The committee found it convenient to reject the Ahmadiyya argument.

            On September 30, the police informed Ahmadis that they would act at 3 PM. They intimated that the intended action was under the orders of AC Pattoki. When the officials arrived at the graveyard, Ahmadis requested them time to think it over; however, they replied that they had to act the same day. Ahmadis asked them to provide a copy of the committee’s verdict, but they refused.             Thereafter, the police destroyed the tombstones and took away the debris with them.