Kajar, District Sheikhupura; July 1, 2023:

The district administration vandalized 10 more Ahmadiyya gravestones — this time in District Sheikhupura.
The situation of Ahmadis had been deteriorating here for some time. Some people objected to the sacred verses on Ahmadiyya gravestones and filed an application to the authorities.
In this regard, a meeting of elders decided to allot one kanal area separately to Ahmadis for their cemetery and leave the issue of tombstones to the authorities. Ahmadis were not taken in confidence nor informed before nor after the desecration.
Subsequently, the administration dug out the tombstones and took them away.
This is not the first incident of demolition of Ahmadiyya graves in Sheikhupura district. Earlier, on July 13, 2020, 42 Ahmadi graves were vandalized by religious bigots under police supervision. Two such incidents happened in 2021 when eight graves were desecrated there.