89 Ratan, District Faisalabad; January 22, 2023: Unknown miscreants leveled the soil and desecrated the graves of three Ahmadis. The attackers trespassed the Ahmadiyya graveyard by cutting the barbed wires. Later, they tried to torch the coffins and some other items stored in the adjacent room.

A similar attack was carried out on November 20 in the same graveyard, where they removed gravestones from three Ahmadiyya graves and stole some fixtures from the site.

The Human Rights of Commission of Pakistan had then said: “The recent desecration of an Ahmadi worship place in Gujranwala is not only a grave violation of the community’s fundamental rights, but also contravenes the very spirit of the 2014 Tasadduq Jillani judgement.”

The incident was reported to police who didn’t register an FIR.

Last year, 144 graves of the Ahmadiyya Community were desecrated, mostly by the Punjab Police. The mulla and the police seem to act jointly in this malicious campaign. Even in death, Ahmadis are not allowed to rest in peace. Their living relatives feel immensely hurt and persecuted.