Sacred inscriptions removed from an Ahmadi’s business; another Ahmadi harassed

Sanghar; March 2021:  Mr. Zafar Ahmad, resident of Belgium, owns a weigh-station at grain market in Sanghar. Mr. Ahmad’s two non-Ahmadi brothers operate it. It had Arabic words, ‘Allah’, ‘Muhammad’, ‘Mashallah’, and ‘Wallahu Khair ur Raziqeen’ written on it.

On February 13, a mulla Saad of the local mosque said that since the business belonged to an Ahmadi, the writings on it were not acceptable; these should be removed. To do that the mulla took a Hindu there to erase these words. The Hindu however refused to erase God’s name. The mulla said that he would himself be accountable to God for this, and proceeded to efface the writings.

Another incident. Mr. Saeed Ahmad went to the main bazaar for shopping, where the shopkeeper refused to sell him grocery because of his faith. Mr. Ahmad then drove his motorbike to the next shop when a motorcyclist approached him from behind and started abusing the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. Thereafter Mr. Ahmad went to a Hindu’s shop; the same man followed him there and started shouting against the Jamaat. He also tried to hit Mr. Ahmad’s bike; luckily, the target survived the hit.