Chaudhry Naeem Ahmad Gondal
son of Chaudhry Abdul Wahid, Karachi
Martyred on July 19, 2012

Assistant Director for the State Bank of Pakistan Shot Dead

Chaudhry Naeem Ahmad Gondal Sahib son of Chaudhry Abdul Wahid Sahib of Karachi was martyred on 19th July 2012.

As per routine, Naeem Sahib was going to work in the morning. Part of his journey consisted of him passing through a very narrow alley way where he would then come on to a main road where a car from his workplace would pick him up and take him. However, this time he didn’t make it to the main road. As he was passing through the narrow alley, two assailants shot him dead and fled the scene.

Huzoor-e-Aqdas (may Allah strengthen his blessed hand) mentions in his Friday sermon on 20th July 2012:

“Naeem Sahib was serving as the president for his local Jamaat. He was very well mannered and soft-hearted. Oppression was on the rise in his local area however, he responded with bravery and patience. It is narrated that when he would come to the UK for Jalsa, instead of being the guest, he’d be the host and look after other guests, so much so that when he would polish his boots, he’d polish the boots of the other guests with him. Once due to rain the Jalsa site became muddy. It is said that one night, all guests came home with extremely muddy shoes and once they woke up, Naeem Sahib had cleaned and polished everyone’s shoes. His wife states that he took such good care of me that I don’t think my parents took as much care of me as he did.”

(Friday sermon, 20th July 2012)