Chak 88, District Faisalabad; June 14, 2022:  For some time, opponents of Ahmadiyyat have been approaching the police in various districts of Punjab, especially in Faisalabad, against the minarets, niches and inscriptions on Ahmadiyya mosques. In this regard, the police registered a case under section PPC 298-B against Ahmadiyya elders of Chak 88 on February 19, 2022.

Subsequently, the police called the local Ahmadi officials to Dijkot police station and pressurized them to remove the minaret and the Kalima (Islamic creed) from the Ahmadiyya mosque. Ahmadis suggested to the police that they would cover the minaret and the Kalima, to which the SHO police replied that even this option was now over.

On June 14, the police sent for the local Ahmadiyya president who went to the police station along with another Ahmadi. The police demanded a written statement that Ahmadi would abide by any decision of the lower court regarding the mosque. Ahmadis stated that they have a right to appeal against the decision and the police themselves are a party in this case, so this demand was wrong and unlawful.

The police threatened them with registration of a case under 16 M.P.O. for disturbing law and order, and detained them at the police station.