Muridke, District Sheikhupura; December 2021:  Mr. Zahid Ahmad, an Ahmadi, runs an auto workshop here. Over time, people came to know about his faith and have turned hostile towards him. Opponents now tell customers about his faith and stop them from trading with him. They have also told wholesale dealers in Lahore, from where Mr. Ahmad used to buy items for his shop, about his Ahmadiyya faith. At this Lahoris refuse dealing with him.

Mr. Ahmad also received threats. Some people beat him up, but a few good people intervened and helped him escape from greater harm. The opponents told the landlord to get his shop vacated by Mr. Ahmad, as he was a Qadiani. At this, the owner told Mr. Ahmad to vacate, and Mr. Ahmad had to vacate the shop. He had to shift his equipment and stock to another place. His business has come to stand still.