Twitter; July 2021:  The published the following news report (extracts):

Pakistani Kashmiri Activist: “Founder of Ahmadis Should Have Been Cut Into Pieces”

… Sundas Malik is the chairperson of the UJKC (United Jammu And Kashmir Coalition), and is well-known in Pakistan.

On July 14, she added her voice to the widespread hate speech against the Ahmadis. She “want[ed] to say something to all my Muslim brothers, We Muslims made one mistake concerning Qadianis [Ahmadis], which we have to accept. Their leader Mirza Ahmad should have been killed right then and there, when he proclaimed himself a prophet. He should have been cut into pieces at that very moment. But these Muslims sat down and did nothing, which made it worse, they should have killed him.”

… She changed her Twitter account to “Koshur Clemens,” after widespread and international protest. On July 15, she gave an interview where she stated that, “I never called for the killing of any group, if any offence was caused from how I said something, it was completely unintentional.”

… She did not apologize for her remarks, either. What she said is that she did not call “for the killing of any group,” which is technically true, although if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was guilty of blasphemy, so are his followers today.

The claim that “offense was completely unintentional,” on the other hand, sounded ridiculous. She could have easily foreseen that a religious group, told that its founder should have been “cut into pieces,” would have felt offended. …