Kot Diyaldas, District Nankana; July 15, 2021:  A few non-Ahmadi miscreants filed a lawsuit against Mr. Naseer Ahmad, an Ahmadi, claiming that the 20 kanals land were not his, but a part of non-Ahmadiyya cemetery because it is adjacent to it. Finally, the Lahore High Court ruled in favor of Mr. Ahmad and issued an order to the district administration and the magistrate to transfer the land to Mr. Ahmad.

While the case was under trial, non-Ahmadis dig up two graves in Mr. Ahmad’s land to promote their claim to the land. Mr. Ahmad asked them not to bury their dead in the disputed land but the other party paid no attention to him.

Now the verdict has been passed in Ahmad’s favor and the court has ordered that the entire land of ​​20 kanals be given to Ahmad. Even after that, Mr. Ahmad, to avoid any further dispute, offered the opponents two kanals of land where the two graves are located without any payment. They rejected Ahmad’s offer and continued to put pressure on the local administration in various ways to support their baseless claim.

On July 15, it was announced in the mosques that Brigadier Ijaz Shah Federal Minister for Anti-Narcotics, Maulana Noorul Haq Qadri Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Chairman Auqaf were coming to the area. “So a protest would be staged before them against the decision of the Lahore High Court, and the 20 kanals land of Ahmad be allocated for playground etc.”, they announced. For this, they put up banners etc. They waited for the said ministers but they could not come. Brigadier Ijaz Shah sent a message that he would not visit the village; the protestors may come to Nankana city. This did not happen. Jahangir Bhatti, a former coordinator of Brigadier Ijaz Shah, is pursuing anti-Ahmadi politics to win the council elections.