Boycotting Products of Ahmadis


Muftian of all schools of thought unanimously declare that boycotting the following products is not a transgression, rather it is a good gesture. It is a sign of love to the Holy Prophetsa, an important commandment of Islam and the practice of the Prophetsa. [Again, we assert] that demonstrates devotion and affection to the Prophet of Islamsa to practically abhor and detest the enemy. Hence, the Prophetsa is reported to have said that those who would love me will go to Paradise.

It is the foremost duty of the ummah to boycott Qadianis on all [socio-economic] platforms for they are the ones who blaspheme against the honour and sanctity of the Holy Prophetsa and deny the seal of his prophethood. By doing so attain the intercession of the beloved Prophetsa on the day of Judgment.

Note: Keep a look out for the products produced by Qadianis on local levels as well.

Aid us in the implementation of the constitution against the Qadianis (so called Ahmadis and Lahoris) who slight the seal of the prophethood.

International Majlis Khatm e Nabuwat Rawalpindi

Office headquarter: Huzoori Bagh Multan

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The faith demands that if the love of the Holy Prophet (P B U H) is the highest level of faith, so keeping grudge from the enemies of the Holy Prophet (P B U H) is also an integral part of faith.

The Lovers of the Holy Prophet (P B U H) should make their own decision

By boycotting the deniers of Khatm e Nabuat at every level, be eligible to intercession of the Holy Prophet (P B U H) on the Day of Judgment.

Famous institutions and the products of Qadianis

Shezan        OCS      Rehman Cone Mehndi              Zaiqa Banaspati

                                   Dr. Mansoor Poly Clinic

                            Turbo                                   Raja Soap                 OCS             Universal

Household Kitchen Ware                             COURIER SERVICES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Can Olive                Curative ((کیورٹی   شاہ نواز ٹیکسٹا ئل ملز                  

                                Warson) وارسن             Shahnavaz Textiles Mills

قاضی دواخانہ ہگ (رجسٹرڈ)                             مطب حمید       Medical Centre 

Waqas Pharmacy Hug (Registered)      دواخانہ          Hameed Dawakhana

All Products of Mashmoom Company        Shahtaj Sugar Mills

                                                                        Shahtaj Company

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