Anti-Ahmadi Stickers on Shops

Beware! No kind of trade is carried out with the Qadianis over here

Qadinee Dogs not allowed

Tajdar e Khatm e Nabuat Zindabad

We do not do any kind of trade with Qadiani, who is an infidel and an apostate.

In the name of Allah the Gracious Ever Merciful۔

Salutations to the Holy Prophet (P B U H) and offsprings.

We are the lovers of the Holy Prophet (P B U H), therefore every kind of sale/purchase with the Mirzai’s over here is strictly banned.

The use of the products of the Qadianis is contrary to the Honour and the love of the Holy Prophet (P B U H).

Oh My Allah I seek help from you.

The task provided by Shia And Qadiani will not be carried out any cost.

On the order of: Haji Aqil Hussain 0314-4032560