Anti-Ahmadi Pamphlet


With the name Allah, the most gracious ever mercifu.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH)  said that I (PBUH) am the  seal of Prophets, no other Prophet will emerge after me (PBUH).

Each drop of blood is sacrificed on protection of the honor of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH) :

Unequivocally, there will be 30 liars in my community in near future and each of them will claim Prophethood. Rather, there is no Prophet after me (PBUH)

Difference between Qadianis and common pagans:

Thought-provoking message to the devotees to Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Publishers : Shaban e Khatm e Nabuwat (central office Gakar Mandi) Sargodah, Pakistan

Numbers: 03008651074

03219601521, 03009606593, 03016729986


10 Curative Rabwa Warson (Homeopathic medicine) 11 Bita Pipe 12 Raja Soup 13 Bobby Shoes Lahore 14 Zahid kino packages Factory, Kot Momin Road 15 Romi Travels, Karachi 16 king Banaspati 17 Al Rahim Jewelers Karachi 18 Barkat Rice Wazirabad Gujranwala 19 MTA Tv Channel 20 All medicines of Qazi Dawakhana Gujranwala

Qadiani residents of Sargodah :

1 Royal Garden Marriage Hall Lahore road 2 Rafique Eye Care University Road near HBL

3 New Zafar Book Depot Zafrullah chowk 3 Zafar Book Depot Urdu Bazar 4 Pak Autos/ Pak Traders Fatima Jinnah Road 5 Saeed Trading Corporation 46 Ada Faisalabad 6 Tahir Gondal SSE Express News 7 Design and Steel Centre near Cheema Heart Centre Stadium road 8 Sialkot Sports near 49 Sargodah 9 Qasim Glass and Aluminum (Lahore road qainchi mour) 10 Ashir Taylor Block y, new satellite town, Sargodah 11 Chaudhry Iron Store Ghala Mandi 12 Chaudhry Abbas Timber road, Ghala Mandi 13 Al Waqar refrigerator Tahli road new satellite town 14 Iqbal Ahmad Qurban sanitary C block satellite town 15 Mubarak Oil Changer City stop Khushab road 16 Union Glass university road 17 Naeem karayana store 18 Zahid Autos and Mechanic near Central Khulafa Rashiden Mosque Fatima Jinnah Road 19 Rafique Eye Complex near Sadiq Hospital satellite town Sargodah 20 Ali General Store (Muslim Town near New Satellite Town) 21 Pak Poshish and autos decoration Nishtar market 22 Super General Store near Bajwa Trauma Centre Stadium road 23 Lahore Computers and Netcafe Stadium Road 24 Rafique Bhai Chashmay Walay 25 Style and Steel Works block x new satellite town 26 Basharat Bhatti Khaad Dealer androon Ghala Mandi 27 Friends Egro Service Ghala Mandi 28 Fazal Qadir Sanitary Yousaf Park Street No 4 29 Awan Printing 30 Asif Ahmad (Manager ABL block 16) 31 Contractor Anwar and his son Asad Anwar (Cheema Colony Street no 8) 32 Al Waqar Lab Motorcar dealer Nishtar Market 33 Al Farooq Property Center (Jail Road Bhatti Market) 34 Paradise Composing and Photostate (kalyar Town) Javed Akhtar Bhatti (Assitant Controller Secondary Board Sargodah)

There is a pump installed in the farm house of Mubarak Mangla. Since he is Qadiani, drinking water from this pump is strictly prohibited.

Qadiani Lawyers :

1 Mirza Nisar 2 Nasrulla Bhalli 3 Mustansar Bajwa 4 Abdul Salam 5 Waqar Khan

Qadiani Doctors :

1 Dr Shiekh Mehmood (Fatima Hospital University Road) 2 Dr Liaqut (Health department Rahmanpura) 3 Dr Wasim Bashir 46 Ada 47 Dr Ijaz (Anasthist) 4 Dr Amjad Bajwa Clinic Satellite block near Shell Petrol Pump 5 Janood Dental Clinic block 12 6 Dr Wasim TB Specialist Old Civil Lind 7 Dr Nadim Ahmad Din Colony Bhalwal Road 8 Janood Dental Khatm e nabuwat road 9 Dr Shima Iram Andullah Medical Complex Stadium Road 10 Tahir Surgical near Maula Baksh Hospital 11 Dawakhana Hakim Nazam Jan new satellite town Furniture market

Qadiani Teachers

1 Prof Fakhar Mangla Uos/It Hub 2 Sir Nawasat PAF Airbase School 3 Medum Farhat Iqbal (UCET/UOS) 4 Medum Mubashara Peb block 16 5 Prof Khalid Nasir GCT College paf road 6 Medum Asma Farogh Taleem Girls High School 7 Medum Farida Naz Medum Zartasha FAZMIC Airbase School 8  Prof Mehmood GCT College 9 Medum Mansoora Kids Versity Farooq Colony 10 Principal Wasim Ahmad 121 Boys High School South 11 Medum Asma Apwa Model School near Press Club 12 Medum Fatima Govt High school Shamsheer town 13 Sir Nasir Ahmad Street no 4 Canal Park

Every person who performs a duty of protecting khatm e nabuwat of Holy Prophet (PBUH) will be part of the contingent of guards Holy Prophet (PBUH) on doomsday: Syed Ata Ulla Shah Bukhari

Holy Prophet (PBUH) stands by every person who protects Khatm e nabuwat.  (Pir Mehr Ali Shah Golarwi)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani challenged Sanaulla Amratsari that liar will be dead in the life of true person. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani died in 1908 whereas Amratsari died in 1953.

Note: Tahir Heart Centre is a famous hospital of Qadianis in Chenab Nagar so, getting any kind of treatment from this hospital is sin and prohibited.