Batali Goi, District Kotli; September 25, 2021:   Muhammad Zaheer Shah along with a few locals submitted a petition to the Deputy Commissioner of Kotli in which he wrote that a protest was scheduled on September 25, 2021 at Government Boys and Girls Schools, Batali Goi; as Qadiani teachers had been posted there while a local teacher was posted far away. As a result, female teachers are upset and there is intense grief and anger among the people of the area and their religious sentiments are severely affected, he wrote. The appointment of a Qadiani teacher was also having a bad effect on the lives of the students which is not acceptable at all. Naseem Akhtar belongs to the Qadiani religion and has been brought in as a primary teacher. The locals did not allow her to attend the school but Assistant Education Officer Kotli posted her to the office. There should be an inquiry in all this, the protesters wrote down unashamedly.

            Ms. Naseem Akhtar feels very disturbed.