Tattapani, Azad Kashmir; September 2021: Haji Muhammad Sher owns a shop, Askari Traders here. His name was written on the main board of the shop as proprietor. An ex-candidate of TLP for the Azad Kashmir Assembly moved on application against him with the local police. He wrote that Qadianis have been declared infidels in the Constitution, so they cannot use the words “Haji” and “Muhammad” in their names (sic), whereas the accused had written ‘Haji Muhammad Sher’ on the board of his shop; this act had caused severe grief to the locals and this could spread anarchy.

            On September 2, 2021, the TLP activists gave the police a deadline until evening to remove the board; in case of non-compliance, the goons threatened to remove it themselves. The same evening the compliant police erased the words “Muhammad” and “Haji” from the board.

            Political activists of TLP, Muslim Conference, and other religious parties are involved in this agitation. Now they have expressed intentions to remove holy inscriptions from Ahmadis’ houses. After the removal of Haji Muhammad Sher’s name from the board, the applicant Malik Zaheer Ahmad sent a WhatsApp message to the recipients that he is going to initiate a campaign against Ahmadis whereby hotel owners of the area will be told to segregate the cutlery and tables for Ahmadis. He further stated that he will run a campaign to remove Kalima and holy inscriptions from Ahmadiyya mosques in the region.