Chak 3/S.P. District Okara; July 2021:  The police booked Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Tahir with FIR No. 217 under 16 M.P.O. at police station Haweli Lakha, District Okara on March 31, 2021, and arrested him. The plaintiff alleged that Mr. Tahir passed negative remarks through Facebook about his religious ceremony.

In response to protest and a rally by the opposition, the SHO added more fateful Section 295-A to the charge sheet; it carries a penalty of ten-year imprisonment and fine.

On April 23, 2021, Mr. Noor Aalam, Magistrate rejected Tahir’s plea for bail. He then applied to the sessions court. On June 14, 2021, Additional Session judge Muhammad Shafique also rejected his bail.

Addl. Session Judge Lahore, Syed Ali Abbas rejected Mr. Tahir’s plea for bail against the decision and referred the case to the FIA Cyber Crime for follow-up.

FIA Cyber Crime registered a new police case against him with FIR No. 112 under PECA  2016. They took him in custody from Okara jail and shifted him to Lahore jail. Mr. Mansoor A Tahir remains behind bars over an alleged petty faux pas concerning religion. He is now exposed to 10 years in prison.