District Jhang, Punjab; October 2022:   An Ahmadi girl student was told by her teacher in Sajid Public School to not write the epithet Sallalaho Eleihe Wasallam in Arabic script next to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), as she might write it incorrectly. She complied. Some miscreants made an issue of this, told the shopkeepers to boycott Ahmadis, and took out hostile processions after the Friday prayers.

            The situation became agitated and the police and security agencies had to intervene. They rendered their own reports.

            In fact, Ahmadis, as much as most non-Ahmadis, routinely use respectful epithets when referring to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the Prophets, the Companions and all holy personages in Islam. All scholars in religious academia know this in Pakistan.

            However, in the face of the mulla, and due to inadequate support from the administration, headmasters and principals find it more convenient and opportune to expel Ahmadi students. Here also, the principal of this school and that of the Bright Vision School expelled 18 Ahmadi children from their institutions. Other schools in the area are reluctant to accommodate them. Social boycott of Ahmadis has been imposed in the area.

            It is a distressing situation.