Ch Nusrat Mahmood, USA
Martyred on November 27th, 2012

Ch Nusrat Mahmood was martyred on 27th November 2012 in Quetta

On 19 October his son-in-law Saad Farooq was martyred in an attack on the family as it travelled home after Friday Prayers. Nusrat Mahmood sahib was injured in the attack sustaining gunshot wounds. He was rushed to hospital where he was under treatment for thirty eight days. On 27 November he met His Maker and attained the status of martyrdom.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 30th November 2012,

“Chaudhry Nusrat Mahmood sahib, originally from Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan had moved to the USA in 2008. He was born in 1949. In September 2012 he went to Pakistan for the marriage of his youngest daughter. Nusrat Mahmood sahib was a Moosi who had served the Jama’at in various capacities. He belonged to Long Island Jama’at in New York, USA where he was the Tarbiyyat secretary. His son Kashif writes that his father was a most affectionate person who was most caring towards his children. He was extremely soft-spoken and always commended his son’s Jama’at work. He was very particular about Salat. His widow is currently in USA and is under treatment. May God grant her healing. His son Kashif is vice president of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya in Canada. He leaves behind three daughters.”

(Friday sermon of 30th Nov 2012)