Gojra, District Toba Tek Singh; September 13, 2022: The police, on demand of religious bigots, destroyed the minaret of the local Ahmadiyya mosque.

Two men came here and took pictures and videos of the minaret on September 12, 2022. The next day, a police vehicle came, and an intelligence officer told Ahmadis that a complaint had been filed against the minaret. Later on, the DSP sent for Ahmadis. The DSP showed them the pictures and videos and told them to demolish the minaret. The Ahmadiyya delegation asked for some time to consider the demand. The DSP said that there was no time, and he told Ahmadis to do this forthwith, and shift the families, residing there, to another place due to the threat of an attack (by miscreants). 

The Ahmadiyya delegation conveyed to the police officers that they will not remove the minaret themselves. The police officials threatened Ahmadis to hold them responsible for any riot. 

Later, the DSP and SHO along with 13 policemen came around 12 o’clock and destroyed the only remaining minaret of the place of worship, as the other one was demolished back in 1974 by the rioting mob.