Lahore:  Karak House in Lahore is an Ahmadiyya property. The local community is facing problems in using it for religious purposes.

            The only legal restriction on Ahmadis is to not call their mosques ‘Masjid’ (PPC 298-B). Ahmadis in Pakistan abide by that, but anti-Ahmadi elements expand it at will to deny Ahmadis religious assemblies of any kind. Ahmadis are not allowed to build places of worship, and if they get together in small numbers at private locations for religious purposes, they are obstructed to do that.

            Karak House is one such place. The mulla is active for years to deny Ahmadis its use for religious purposes. Some in the official circles lean towards Ahmadis to provide some semblance of freedom of worship, while there are others who think that a denial to Ahmadis will improve their felicity in the Afterlife.

            The Military Estate office has recently sent a fresh Notice to Ahmadis. The issue is sub-judice as well. The Law Ministry is also involved.

            One wonders why the authorities are not moved by their Constitutional and International commitments to FoRB to Ahmadis, and thereby chinch this non-issue.