Talharh Bali, District Khushab; April 13, 2022: Police came to the Ahmadiyya mosque here and detained four Ahmadis including a local missionary allegedly for inadequate security measures. Later, the police released them after the assurance given by the Ahmadiyya administration. 

            On April 14, 2022 the police checked some other mosques. The mullas demanded removal of the Kalima on the Ahmadiyya mosque, for being visible from outside. 

            Ahmadis told them that they would not remove the Kalima themselves, nor would allow any civilian do so, but if the officials in uniform remove it, Ahmadis will not resist. 

            Police insisted that Ahmadis remove the Kalima, and threatened them with a police case. 

            In the dark hours of 15-16 April 2022, the police sprayed out the Kalima from the Ahmadiyya mosque.