Manawala, District Faisalabad; September 13, 2021:   The police sent for the local Ahmadiyya president on September 13, 2021, and told him that someone had complained to the intelligence agencies against the Kalima (the Islamic creed) written on their place of worship. Therefore, they should erase the Kalima themselves to avoid the problem, they said. The president replied that the Kalima had been written there since 1960. Ahmadis themselves would not take any action in this matter nor would they allow anyone to efface it. However, if the police do so, Ahmadis will not resist. At this, the police said that they would meet the local chairman to resolve the issue. The president met the chairman who appeared sympathetic. However, around one o’clock that night, a policeman came to the Ahmadiyya mosque, accompanied by a few others, and blackened the Kalima with paint.