Chak 604, District Muzaffargarh; April 11, 2021:  For some time now, opponents of Ahmadis are engaged in extensive anti-Ahmadi activities in District Muzaffargarh. Now, they with the help of police destroyed the minarets and the niche of Ahmadiyya place of worship here.

The police came to the site of Ahmadis’ homes and place of worship on the eve of April 11, and asked the people there, “Are you Qadianis?”. They replied, “Yes, we are Ahmadis”. After that, the DSP Allah Yar Saifi gave the green signal to the miscreants to tear down the niche and minarets. They also removed the gravestone of Mr. Faiz Ahmad, an Ahmadi. The police arrested five Ahmadis from the site and took them to Police Station Chowk Sarwar. The SHO stated that all this was on orders of senior officers and under the supervision of DSP Allah Yar Saifi. He stated that the detained individuals could be charged with the blasphemy law PPC 295-C; its penalty is death.

In the dark hours of April 12, police raided the Ahmadiyya houses in search of more persons to be arrested. The next day, five Ahmadis arrested earlier were formally booked under anti-Ahmadi laws PPCs 298-B and 298-C under FIR no. 183/21. Physical remand for two days was obtained from the court. In the FIR, Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah the complainant alleged that the Qadianis of TDA 604 were promoting their faith from the building built like a mosque, they had written sacred Islamic creeds on their houses as well as on the graves, which is provocative and is causing anger among the people.

Later, on April 16 the five Ahmadis were acquitted by the Magistrate Kot Addo.

It may be re-stated that the Supreme Court in its historic verdict of 2014 had issued instructions to authorities to protect worship places of minorities.