Ahmadis implicated wrongfully under PPC 295-C, THE BLASPHEMY LAW

(For allegedly defiling the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him; mandatory punishment death)

1.   2. 3.Mirza Muhammad Din Naz (Editor Monthly ‘ Ansarullah’) Qazi Munir Ahmad (Printer) Ch. Muhammad Ibrahim (Publisher)  Rabwah.  Mulvi Ahmad Mian Hammadi, SindhSuit filed in court 15.6.86295-CThe monthly ‘Ansarullah’ which is a monthly magazine of ‘Majlis Ansaurllah’ (an auxiliary organization of Ahmadi men above 40 years of age) printed an article about the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be on him). The Editor, Printer and Publisher of the magazine were charged under 295-C.
4.Chaudhry Khalil Ahmad Amir Ahmadiyya Community Sagnghar (Sindh)Mulvi Ahmad Mian Hammadi, SindhShahdad Pur Sindh17017.2.87295-CA non-Ahmadi lawyer namely Muhammad Ishaq got a magazine from the accused, for reading. The magazine was subsequently delivered by him to Maulvi Hamadi, who filed complaint against the accused for preaching.
5. 6. 7.        Mukhatar Ahmad Abdur Rehman Ali Ahmad Sangarh SindhMulvi Ahmad Mian Hammadi, SindhShahdad Pur Sindh106 298-C 295-CFor reciting Quranic verses & reciting Darood i.e. invoking blessing upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (on whom be peace)
8. 9. 10. 11.Sheikh Muhammad Aslam Mushtaq Ahmad Muhammad Islam Qureshi Noor Ahmad QasurFazal Hussain President Khatme Nabuwat Organization Qasur.QasurCity48127.8.87298-C 295-CThey were accused for displaying KALIMA TAYYABA i.e. Islamic profession of faith, on their houses, shops and mosque. Initially they were arrested under 298-C. Later the complainant filed a separate application to District Magistrate, as a result of which PPC section 295-C was added in the charge against the accused person.
12.Kaleem Ahmad  NankanaAbdul Majeed Akhtar NankanaNankana38128.8.87295-CHe was accused of allegedly tearing a poster of Khatme Nabuwat Organization.
13.Hakim Jamil KhushabAqeel Abbas Shah –Khushab-Kuhshab26028.10.87295-C 298-C 16MPOHe was accused of displaying Kalima on Ahmaiyya Mosque, and applying paint on a board erected by Khatme Nabuwat Organization.
14.     15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.   22. 23. 24.Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid – an eminent Ahmaiyya Scholar at Rabwah Manzoor Ahmad Munawar Ahmad Muhammad Yusuf Nazeer Ahmad Shabbir Zafar Shabir Ahmad Shahid – (Ahmaiyya Missionary) Nasir Saleem Khalid Tawandi Musa Khan, Dist. Gujranwala.    Khawaja Muhammad ShafiqCh. Ghulam Muhammad GujrnwalaSadar Police Station Gujranwala12723.3.88295.C 298.C 188/T.BThey were accused of preaching. The Sessions Court on 3.4.90 awarded them two years imprisonment each and fine of Rs. 5,000.00 per person, under 298-C. They were however acquitted of charges under 295-C.
25.  Rasheed Ahmad Khan Sangarh SindhMaulvi Abdul Ghafoor Sangarh, Sindh.Sangarh, Sindh.5223.3.88295.C 298.C  He was charged for displaying Quranic Verse ‘IS ALLAH NOT SUFFICIENT FOR HIS  SERVANTS’ on his house.
26. 27. 28.Malik Nisar Ahmad Malik Noor Muhammad Aashiq MuhammadMuhammad Saeed Zaki Sambrial Distt. Sialkot.Sambrial Distt. Sialkot.8114.4.88295-CThey were accused of writing KALIMA TAYYABA on their houses.
29.Mirza Mubarak Ahmad Sangarh SindhMaulvi Ahmad Mian Hamadi. 13.1.89298-C 295-CHe was accused of writing following prayers in a letter written by him . IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE GRACIOUS, THE MERCIFUL.WE PRAISE THE HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD & INVOKE BLESSING OF ALLAH FOR HIM.FOR HIS SERVANT, THE PROMISED MESSIAH.
30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38.  Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf Sheikh Muhammad Aslam Mrs. Sheikh Muhammad Aslam Mrs. Farida Farhat Malik Abdur Rabb Khawaja Khalil Ahmad Captain Muhammad Zakariya Sajid Nadeem Sheikh Muhammad Anwar Qasur  1.Syed Muhammad Yahya HamadaniFazal Hussain Amir Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwat Qasur.  Suit filed in courtCrimi-nal case filed in High court Punjab No. 219/8920.9.89295-C 298-CThey were accused of writhing following prayers on a wedding invitation card: BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN IR RAHIM (IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE GRACIOUS THE MERCIFUL)ASSALAMO ALAIKUM(PEACE BE ON YOU)INSHALLAH (GOD WILLING)  
 39.   40.   41. 42.Mirza Muhammad Din Naz Editor- Ch. Muhammad Ibrahim Publisher Qazi Munir Ahmad – Printer- MANAGER‘ Ansarullah’ Rab.Maulvi Ahmad Mian HammdiTando Adam (Sindh)12811.9.90295-C 298-CThey were accused of posing themselves as Muslim through publishing such material.
43.Muhammad Ashraf Sindhu Advocate LahoreMuhammad RamzanBaghbanpura Lahore4154.10.90295-CHe was implicated in a false case for allegedly defiling the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (on whom be peace & blessing of Allah). He was later acquitted by the court.
44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49.Khawaja Muhammad Amin Malik Inayatullah Hameed ul Hasan Shah Muhammad Yusuf Malik Nasar Ahmad Masud Ahmad Zaragar – Sambrial, Sialkot –Sahibzaada Suleman Munir (Sambrial, Sialkot)Sambrial, Sialkot2048.3.91295-C 298-CThey were accused of displaying KALIMA on their houses and mosque.
50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56.    Ghaffar Ahmad Butt Basharat Ahmad Butt Mahboob Ahmad Butt Muhammad Yaqub Butt Muhammad Asalm Muhgal Rahmatullah Muhammad Ismail, Amir Ahmadiyya Community, Chiwinda, Dist. Sialkot.Shahid Amin Bhatti Muslim Mujahid Force, Chiwinda.Phalora Dist. Sialkot.15921.9.91295-CThey were accused of displaying KALIMA on their houses and shops – The Sessions Court However changed the charges from 295c to 298-C while granting them bail.  
57.Habibullah  ShahdaraMuhammad Muzaffar ChughtaiShadara32629.10.92295-CHe was implicated on false charges of allegedly defiling the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (on him be peace). He was later acquitted by the court.
58. 59. 60. 61.Mobashir Ahmad Ghulam Bari Nasir Ahmad Baluch Abdul Quddus KotriMaulana Shah Muhammad Rafiuddin Kotri.Kotri4931.3.92295-C 298-CThey were implicated for describing the beauties of Ahmadiyyat in their own center. They were also charged of allegedly defiling the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him)
62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81.Ijaz Ahmad Shahid Mureed Muhammad Sharif Iftikhar Ahmad Abdul Qadeer Inam Ahmad Shahbaz Ahmad Bakht Ali Kashif Ahmad Abdullah Abid Masud Ahmad Sadiq Ali Saeed Ahmad Farhan Ahmad Rafiq Ahmad Muhammad Aslam Faruq Ahmad Mahtab Ali Imtiaz Ahmad – Kotri Muhammad  Ayaz Ahmad SI Police Station Kotri, on behalf of the Government.Kotri503.4.92295-C 298-CThe whole assembly offering Friday service in Ahmadiyya Mosque Kotri was arrested. The Imam was falsely charged of uttering blasphemous remarks about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him). The persons enlisted were charged under blasphemy law- ppc 295-C too.
82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94.Ch. Nasir Ahmad Mrs. Nasir Ahmad Ch. Sarfraz Ahmad Mrs. Ch. Sarfraz Ahmad Ch. Muhammad Yusuf Ch. Bashir Ahmad Ch. Khalid Ahmad Ch. Ijaz Ahmad Ch. Sikander Pervaz Ch. Shab Rukh Sikander Ijaz Ahmad Ch. Baber Ch. Bashir Ahmad  Nankana Dist. SehikhupuraMehr Shaukat Ali Shahid, Incharge Majlis Khatme Nabuwat, Nankana Dist. Sehikhupura.Nankana Dist. Sehikhupura12216.5.92295-C 298-C 295-AThey were all implicated for writhing following prayers on a wedding invitation card: BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN IR RAHIM ASSALAMO ALAIKUM INSHALLAH The persons accused included a 9 months old child. The main accused, Mr. Nasir Ahmad had to remain behind bars for a number of weeks. Even the High Court rejected his bail application. Supreme Court of Pakistan eventually awarded him bail.  
95.   96.   97.   98.            Mansoor Ahmad Khan Director Ahmadiyya Foreign Missions Office Rabwah. Syed Ahmad Ali Shah An eminent Ahmadi Scholar at Rabwah. Mirza Abdur Raheem Beg Vice President Ahmadiyya Community Karachi.. Sadruddin Khokhar Ch. Nazir Ahmad Syed Sakhawat Shah General Secretary Ahmadiyya Community Karachi Finance Secretary Ahmadiyya Community Karachi M.J. Asad Abdul Malik KarachiMaulvi Ahmad Mian HamadiTendo Adam, Sind715.10.92295-C 298-C 295-AAll the persons  were accused of writhing following prayers in letters written by them to various persons: BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN IR RAHIM (IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE GRACIOUS THE MERCIFUL)ASSALAMO ALAIKUM(PEACE BE TO YOU) The letters were intercepted and pilfered from the post office.  
105Ch. Ateeq Ahmad Bajwah Amir Ahmadiyya Community District Vehari.Javed Iqbal –Vehari-Police Station Daniwal Vehari.274/9210.11.92295-C 298-C  He was charged of using Islamic epithets while addressing District Bar meeting.
106Rana Irsal Ahmad ( Ahmadiyya Missionary Sargodha )Hafiz Akram Toofani SargodhaKarana Dist. Sargodha12026.11.92295-CHe was accused of preaching and allegedly defiling the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(P.B.O.H)
107    Syed Bashir Ahmad Phagla MansehraWaqar Gul JadoonAbbotabad Cantt.73427.7.93295-C 298-A 298-CFor presenting a book titled ‘My Mother’ authored by Sir Muhammad Zafurllah Khan.
108   109Mian Rafiq Ahmad Lahore Cantt. Mian Saad S/O Mian Rafiq AhmadRizwan Ghafoor S/O Mian Abdul Ghafoor Canal bank New Campus LahoreSarwar RdLahore879.10.93295-C 298-C  For preaching
110   111 112 113  Riaz Ahmad 15.D.B Mianwli Basharat Ahmad Qamar Ahmad Mushtaq AhmadMohammad Abdullah S/o Mohammad Muzaffar 15.D.B MianwliP.S. Piplan Distt. Mianwali16021.11.93295-C  False accusation of lowering the position of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him)
114   115   116Nasim Safi (Editor)   Saifullah Khan (Manager)   Qazi Munir Ahmad (Printer) (Of daily Alfazle).District Magistrate JhangRabwah1215.194298-C 295-C 295-BThe sessions Judge Chiniot rejecting their bail application added charges under 295-C for printing the Word ‘ Hazoor’ for head of Ahmadiyya Community in 19 issues of July 1994.
117   118   119Nasim Safi (Editor)   Saifullah Khan (Manager)   Qazi Munir Ahmad (Printer) (Of daily Alfazl).District Magistrate JhangRabwah2621.1.94298-C 295-C 295-BCharges were framed for material printed in 4 issues of Octover & November 1994.
120 121 122Mirza Mohammad Naz (Editor) Ch. M. Ibrahim (Manager) Qazi Munir Ahmad (Printer) Of Monthly Ansarullah.District Magistrate JhangRabwah1115.1.94298-C 295-C 295-BCharges were framed for material printed in June 1994 issue of monthly Ansarullah.
123Dr. Akhtar MajokaAbdul GhaniNoor Pur Disst : Khushab2021.2.94298-C 295-CFor preaching
124 125Zafar Ahmad Tanoli Rafi Ahmad TanoliWaqar GulAbbatabad7021.9.94298-C 295-CFor preaching
126 127 128 129 130Abdul Qadir Dahri Qazi Munir Ahmad Sheikh Ghous Baksh Agha Saifullah Mohammad IbrahimMoulvi Ahmad HamadiTando Adam15012.10.94298-C 295-C 295-B 295-AFor translating parts of the Holy Quran into Sindhi
131Mian Iqbal AhmadHafiz Mohammad SadiqRajanpur16012.10.94295-CFalsely allegedly of defiling the name of Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him)
132Nasir AhmadUsmatullahHafizabad4529.10.95 He was accused of preaching
133   134 135 136 137Ch. Abdul Latif ( Amir Jammat Ahmadiyya Khiarpur ) Dr. Mohammad Ismail Ijaz Ahmad Nisar Ahmad Dr. Mukhtar AhmadAzim uddinFaiz Ghang Disstt: Khairpur.6410.10.95 Accused displaying banners with Quranic verses at a convention.
138Ch. Mohammad AnwarRasul BukhshDajal3828.1.96295-CAccused of preaching Ahmadiyyat
139 140Zahoor Ahmad Noor Hussain  Maulvi Mohammad Wara Siddique 8016.11.95295-C 295-A 298-CFor having a sticker with a Quranic verse on their motor bike.
141Bushra Taseer   1996295-C 
142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150Mohammad Alahi Tasawar Alahi Mohammad Khan Javed Ahmad Ijaz Ahmad Dawood Ahmad Munir Ahmad Mubashir Ahmad Tahir AhmadZulfaqar Ali S/o Sher Ali R/o Kot Haza Distt : Gujranwala. 204/p.s Ali pur Chatha21.7.96298-C 295-CAccused of preaching Ahmadiyyat.
151 152 153Nasim Saifi Agha Saifullah Qazi Munir Ahmad      
154 155 156Abdul Qadeer Shahbaz Ashfaq AhmadHakim Iqbal AhmadSharq Pur Dist. Sheikh Pur39928.10.88298-A 295-CAccused of Preaching Ahmadiyyat.
157Dr. Saeed AhmadMoulvi Ghulam NabiChak 61/RB Faisalabad21826.4.97298-C 295-CAccused of Preaching Ahmadiyyat.
158Anis ur RehmanMahmood Ali S/o. Lal Mohammad .ShadadpurShadadpur9215.9.97298-B. 295-C 295-A. 506/34Accused of Preaching Ahmadiyyat.
159 160Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Ch Kanwar IdreesMoulvi Ahmad HamadiTando AdamDirect Compl-aint 298-C 295-C 295-B 34Against Interview (No FIR court case)
161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178Ch Mahmood Ahmad Safeer Ahmad Rana Abdul Khaliq Zaheer Ahmad Rasheed Ahmad Farooq Ismail Allah Nawaz Ghulam Murtaza Arshad Ahmad Arshad Javed Anis Ahmad Naveed Mubashir Mohammad Ahsan Faisal-ur-Rehman Abdul Hamid Tahir Mushtaq Ahmad Waris Ahmad Doctor Abdur RashidMuhammad Sarwar NokotJhudo882.9.98295-C 295-ADisplaying Kalima on their Mosque.
179 180 181Nasir Ahmad Baloch Zafar Ahmad Mubarak AhmadMohammad Nazar Usmani HyderabadKotri15117-12-98295-A 295-B 295-C 295 296 436  Allegedly tearing and burning a poster.
182 183 184 185  Haq Nawaz Muhammad Sadiq Zafar Nazir AhmadHafiz Dost MuhammadShorkot13012-10-98295-CDisplaying Kamima on Ahmadiyya Mosque and preaching.
186 187Syed Raza Syed TabbasamSyed Safder Ali Shah R/O Fathapur GujratCivil line8454.9.98 Allegation of preaching.
188Nazir AhmadMuhammad SharifSadar Qasur3613.1.99 Allegation of preaching.
189Intiazar Ahmad BajwaShahid Munir AfzalPasrur1233.3.99298-C 295-C 295-A 
190 191 192 193    Ijaz Ahmad Nasir Ahmad Qamruddin Abdul Hameed R/O Chak No 18 Distt SheikupuraMuhammad AzamSadar Sangla Hill15821.6.99295-C 597-3Allegation of preaching
194 195  Mushtaq Ameen Nasir Ahmad R/O Kabir Pur Disst M. GharhMushtaq AhmadKhan Gharh25619.7.99295-C 295-A 295Allegation of preaching
196 197 198 199Tahir Ahmad Shah Nawaz Shahzad Aslam Hafeez R/O Chak No 18 Distt SheikupuraIjaz AliSadar Sangla Hill28231.8.99295-B 295-CAllegation of preaching
200TariqMahrum Ali Clerk S.D.M BadinBadin8029.4.2000295-C 298-C 298-AAllegation of preaching
201 202 203 204Nusrullah Khan Nasir Muhammad Ibrahim Qazi Munir Ahmad Shabir Ahmad SaqibMolvi Ahmad Mian HamadiTando Adam5111.3.2001295-C 295-B 298-CAllegation of preaching
205 206Akhtar Ali Muhammad KhanMuhammad KhanDirect Complaint in Session Court Chakwal 21-7-2001295-C 295-A 296Allegation of preaching
207Nasir Ahmad S/O Abdulhameed        Abdul QayumNawab Shah4925.3.1989295-C 298-CTo distribute the Message of Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad ka pagham on the occasion of Ahmadiyya Sad Sala Jashn-e-Tashakkur
208 209 210Abdul Sami Bashir Ahmad Muhammad IsmailMuhammad BilalSaraye Siddhu33629.8.2001298C 295CLegal branch police added 295/C against Ahmadis.
211 212Asif Iqbal Tanvir AhmadFahim AhmadIndustrial Area Islamabad24119.7.2003295-C 298-CPublishing of religious book.
213Muhammad Iqbal S/O Faqir MuhmmadZulfiqar AliTarkhani7323.3.2004295.CFalse accusation of lowering the position of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him).Judge gave him punishment of life imprisonment.
214Rana Muhammad AshrafNisar Ahmad RabbaniQila kalar Wala691.5.2005295-CFalse accusation of lowering the position of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) and also desecration of Holy Quran.
215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229Yaqoub Saghal Ishaq Abdul Latif Shafi Ahmad (Sadar Jammat) Sana Ullah Nasir Ahmad Younas Sultan Javed Ahmad Mushtaq Ahmad Irshad Ahmad Zafar Ullah Muhammad Nawaz Karam Ullah TariqMaulvi Muhammad Ishaq SaqiChak 192/M2717-06-2005365/342,295/C, 148/149Falsely allegedly of defiling the name of Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him)
230   231 232 233 234Hazart Mirza Masroor Ahmad (Khalifa tul Masih V) Mirza Khalil Ahmad Qamar Sheikh Khursheed Ahmad Sultan Ahmad Dogar Amtul Rasheed BadarMaulvi Ahmad Hamdi  Tando Adam45-01-06295/C, 295/AAllegation of preaching
235Muhammad TariqMunir AhmadTando Adam24931-10-06295/C-295/AAllegation of preaching
236Saeed AhmadMushtaq AhmadShah Nikdar7308-06-07295/C, 298/C 9ATAAllegation of preaching
237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247Mukhtar Mansoor Saeed Aqeel Sardar Nasir Javaid Meraj Nadar Sohail MaqsoodSakandar AliQambar2855-12-2007298-c,506,298,295-C  Allegation of preaching
248 249 250Shafaqat Raza Bhendar Munir Ahmad Bhatti Ashraf BajwaMian Mumtaz AhmadAli Pure Chetha10513-3-2008295-C, 298-CAllegation of preaching
251 252 253 254 255 256Dr. Asghar Khalid Nadeem Rashid Zafar IqbalMuhammd Malik  Nankana35120-06-2008295-CFalse accusation of lowering the position of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him).
257 258Rana Khalil Ahmad Rashid IqbalMulvi Muhammd SalahKunri  8622-09-2008295-C,295-A, 9ATAAllegation of preaching
259 260 261 262 263Muhammad Irfan Tahir Imran Tahir Mahmood Naseeb Ahmad Mubashar AhmadLiaqat AliKot Sultan Layya  4628-01-2009295-CFalse accusation of lowering the position of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him).
264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295Hamid Javaid Saeed Ahmad Zahid Ahmad Fahad Shahid Tariq Mansoor Mujeeb Ahmad Waheed Ahmad Naseer Ahmad Ameer Ahmad Tanveer Ahmad Khalil Ahmad Nasir Ahmad Tariq Mahmood Muzamal Majid Shebaz Aziz Ahamd Tofeeq Naeem Ata ul Aleem Ata Ul Kareem Ata Ul Fahim Nadeem Majeed Farhad Basheer Tahir Basharat Waheed JavaidNaveed Zafar Khan  Khurianwala Faisalabad48625-07-2009295-C, 295-A, 298C, 506, 109False accusation of lowering the position of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him).
296 297 298Muhammad Qasim  Mazahir Ahmad Ahmad Yar Sahiwal, Dist. Sargodha41708/10/10PPC 298-C and 295-CArrested
299Rana Sajeel Ahmad Khushab35215/12/11295-CFled abroad
300 301 302 303Moeed Ayaz,  Esmat Ullah, Raza Ullah, Ghulam Ullah Islampura, Lahore1507/01/13295-C, 298-C, 295-B, 24-ABlack Arrow Press case, 295-C was added later at the order of the Judge, accused had to flee abroad
304 305 306 307 308 309Tahir Mahdi Imtiaz (Printer) Imran Nasir, Adnan Nasir, Ahmad Tahir Mirza, Farhan Ahmad, Abdul Manan Kausar Millat Park, Lahore15116/04/14295-A, 298-C,Later 8-W ATA was added by LHC on August 6, 2015 and then 295-C and 295-B was added by Anti-Terrorism court on April 18, 2016
310 311 312 313Mr. Khalil Ahmad, Mr. Mubashir Ahmad, Mr. Ghulam Ahmad, Mr. Ahsan Ahmad  Syed Riaz Hussain Shah, the shop keeperSharaqpur, Sheikhupura29113/05/14295-A, 337/2, 427On 16/05/14 Mr. Khalil was killed. Later on 9/03/15 295-C was added.
314Saeed Ahmad Warraich Tandilanwala city, Distt. Faisalabad64520/01/18295-CIn prison.
315Javed Ahmad Ghuman Chobara, Distt. Layya28801/07/18295-CIn prison.
315Ms. Ramzan Bibi Sadr Sangla Hill, District Nankana275/2030/04/2020295-CArrested
316Mr. Abdul Majeed Phandu, Peshawar64810/09/2020295-CArrested
317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331Mr. Rohan Ahmad, Malik Usman Ahmad, Hafiz Tariq Shehzad, Syed Khalid Ahmad Shah, Malik Khalid Masood, Mirza Fazl Ahmad, Mr. Salik Ahmad, unknown person, composer, proof reader, writer, computer operator, owners of phone no. 0333-6708729, 0322-4374750, 0333-6678820 FIA Cyber Crimes Wing, Lahore29/202026/05/2020PPC 298-C, 295-B, 120-B, 109, 34, PECA-11, 295-C added 0n June 29, 2021Mr. Rohan Ahmad, Malik Usman Ahmad and Hafiz Tariq Shehzad are in prison.  
332Mr. Asghar Ali Kalar Bhaghdad Aljadid, District Bahawalpur65124/09/2021PPC 295-CMr. Kalar died in jail.
333Mr. Saleemuddin Cyber Crimes Wing, Lahore99/202028/10/2020295-C, 295-A, 153-A, 1860 R/W and PECA-11Judicial Magistrate added PPC 295-C in December 2022.