Islamabad; December 2021: Captain (r) Muhammad Safdar has again launched an attack on the Ahmadiyya community. He is the son-in-law of the former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif.

Capt. (retd) Safdar is seen in a video dated December 21 talking to pressmen against former Supreme Court judge Justice (retired) Ejaz Afzal Khan, in a land dispute case. Mr. Afzal Khan is not an Ahmadi.

Following is the translation of Safdar’s outburst and trash against Mr. Afzal Khan directly, and against Ahmadis indirectly.

 “As regards Ejaz Afzal, it’s not a litigation, it’s enmity,” said Safdar.

“The enmity is, that in the past he defended the rebels of the 1973 Constitution and the deniers of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat, as their advocate. He has fought four cases of Qadianis as per record, in Mansehra and that is the reason for the enmity,” he added.

“Why are you using religion as weapon?”, asked a reporter (Matiullah Jan).

“I have many weapons; he runs to Peshawar High Court at times, sometimes to Supreme Court. I am telling you my reason for the enmity. It is spiritual case. Allah has given me this duty,” Safdar said.  

“But it’s a land dispute case, how is spirituality involved in it?” asked a reporter.

Safder: “Ejaz Afzal has nothing to do with the land, neither does his wife nor anyone else. If it was his land then why he got it occupied forcibly? Why did he send security gunmen? The respectables of Mansehra have asked me to make peace with him, but I told them that how would I answer to my Prophet (PBUH) on the day of judgment, if I make peace with one who was an advocate of his deniers.

“I’m not worried about inflation, I’m worried about the faith of the people of this country,” he said before walking away from the reporters.

Earlier, on December 8, 2021, Captain (r) Safdar said in the same context, “ Anyone who is an advocate of the Master’s deniers, do you think that he can die honorably? No. No one in Mansehra will offer his funeral prayer, inshallah. I pray that a Maulvi who leads his funeral prayer, be deprived of the intercession of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.). Whether I fight this case or not, it is certain that no one will offer this person’s funeral in Mansehra. Ejaz Afzal, who was a judge in this court, was the advocate of the Qadianis. Now he is a land grabber. I am ready to go anywhere in Pakistan, because this case is not mine but that of my elders (waris ! ). I am appearing here as a servant (munshi) of Madina.”

            Capt (r) Safdar has a high opinion of himself, and is vocal about it. In his presser of 21 December he says, “May Allah give decent sons-in-law to all, like myself given to Nawaz Sharif.” Perhaps he has a sense of humor!